Traditional Chinese Medicine – TCM

Western medicine can be summed up as “the Body is like a machine that can be dismantled into the heart that is a pump, the lungs as bellows, the joints as gears and levers, the nervous system as electrical circuitry, the brain as a computer, the eye as a camera, the stomach as a chemical beaker, the intestines as plumbing and the liver and kidneys as filters.”

Traditional Chinese Medicine can be summed up as the body is more like a garden.  “The human landscape embodies the primal forces in Nature – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water- that organize the body’s inner air, rivers, and mountains.  Five functional systems called Organ Networks – the Liver, Heart, Spleen, Lung and Kidney govern particular tissues, mental faculties and physiological activities, generating and regulating the body’s constituents- She, Qi, Moisture, blood and Essence

In Simple terms, health is determined by the quantity, quality, and distribution of the body constituents and the harmonious interaction of the Organ networks.  Illness results as a consequence of either insufficient or obstructed Qi (Chi), Moisture, or Blood and disturbances with in or between Organ Networks.

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